Thursday, 14 December 2017

West Papua Forum: Genocide in Paradise

Are there Lies in Jakarta and a Cover up in Canberra? You be the judge.

When governments hide atrocities by foreign militaries and police, it is not only morality repugnant, but complicity under international law, a crime against humanity and in breach of our own Australian domestic laws and International law.  

The NSW Coroner Pinch in 2007 found that Australian Citizens ( Journalists ) Balibo Five and Roger East were murdered by the Indonesian military in East Timor 1975. Not only was it covered up by Australia, but no action was taken for years. When the Australian Federal Police asked Indonesia to co-operate, they refused and the Australian Government dropped the matter. We  reward this criminal and bad behaviour, by continuing to give Indonesia over 350 million in foreign aid each year. Currently the Indonesian Military and their corrupt government spend over 7 billion on their military.

In 1999, after 25 years of oppression under the Indonesian military who illegally invaded East Timor in 1975, they won the right to vote for independence from Indonesian military occupation. Under the supervision of the United Nations, the Indonesian military under command of indicted war criminal Ex General Wiranto did destroy and burn East Timor to the ground and murder thousands of East Timorese.  A United Nations arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest for crimes against humanity. 

Our Australian Attorney General did dine with this indicted war criminal in West Papua and recently he came to Australia to hold talks on Terrorism and security in Brisbane. This is what our corrupt government and  ALP opposition believe is acceptable under good international relations and the Lombok Security Treaty with Indonesia.

Come to the West Papuan Forum in Lithgow, Sydney on February 3rd 2018 at the Lithgow Workmen's Club Tank Street Lithgow; 10am - 4.45pm.

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Today the evidence of over 56 years of Indonesian military occupation in West Papua is not good. Rape, massacres, and slow motion genocide of the Indigenous black population. Why, because they want their resources not their people. The promises of a right to freedom and independence was lost under the sham vote called  the Act of Free Choice 1969.  The United Nations, Kingdom of the Netherlands, USA and others did betray the West Papuans, because the Indonesians did threaten war if they did not get Dutch New Guinea. The biggest gold and copper mine in West Papua is under the control of American giant Freeport Moran. 

To use the terms in our national interest and maintaining good international relations with Indonesia makes a mockery of major powers demanding we go to war for human rights and the rule of law.  It is the worse abuse of power.  Governments and corrupt bureaucrats can justify anything today to maintain corrupt power and control and the rape of resources and extermination of those who do not obey.  General Martini after the Dili Massacre in 1991 East Timor.  'Those who do not toe the line have to be shot and we will shoot them" Dili Massacre 1991 East Timor (Timor Leste) MR Cox DFAT Senate estimates Australian Parliament tells the truth about the murder and torture of West Papuans by Indonesian security forces. Warning shocking video which upset those who respect human rights and the rule of law. Indonesian Human Rights Commission confirms massacre.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Anthony Craig on ABC Radio Brisbane.

To all my West Papuan friends and supporters.

I travelled to the ABC Sydney Studio via train from Hazbrook Blue Mountains NSW Australia this morning and did a live broadcast up to ABC Brisbane Steve Austin Morning show about West Papuan Refugee Camps PNG.

The Free West Papua Party Australia will not stop until the Genocide stops.

The evidence of covering up West Papuan Genocide is all around us. Like they did in East Timor.

Join and support our party for West Papua. A cry for help. We will help. 

Membership of the Party is $1.00.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017




There are over 10,500 West Papuan Refugees over the border in (PNG) Papua New Guinea. It's not reported in the media. Why? The Free West Papua Party Australia is asking the questions why the media blackout?

Anthony Craig National Leader FWPP (pictured holding flag) travelled to Port Moresby Papua New Guinea last week on a fact finding mission.  The stories told by West Papuan refugees living day to day in  these camps with little assistance, is mind destroying. A crime against humanity.

The simple fact is, the Indonesian military and Police supported by the Indonesian government has decided that their rights to be free from oppression and colonization must be met with extermination. Like East Timor, when the Indonesian military were slaughtering the East Timorese they stopped the Press reporting it.

First Casualty of war is the truth. Free West Papua Party Australia demands the following actions by UN and member states:

  • We call on the UNHCR to investigate the shocking conditions in West Papuan PNG Refugee camps, given they handed over the responsibility to the PNG government.
  • We call on the United Nations Security Council to investigate the extermination of the West Papuan people and commence arms embargo on Indonesian Military and Police.
  • We call on the Australian government and opposition to rip up the Lombok treaty as it covers up mass murder of the West Papuan people and stop all funding of foreign and military aid pending a royal commission.

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25 July 2017